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Hotel Bandara Syariah Lampung is a hotel with a modern concept that is managed according to Islamic sharia. Located only about 5 minutes from Radin Inten II Airport and about 25 minutes from downtown Bandar Lampung. For those of you who want to travel by plane in the morning, Bandara Syariah Lampung Hotel is the perfect place to rest before flying. For those of you who travel by land, the Bandara Syariah Lampung Hotel is the right place to stay before the ride. 

Before booking hotel rooms, people can see the rooms and facilities in the hotel's official website build by GiNK Technology. Bookings for certain events can be selected through the various packages that available on the website page. The hotel also provides certain promotions that you can see on the website. In addition the website also includes profiles and hotel galleries. For people who want to join the Hotel Bandara Syariah Lampung team can see the job vacancy through the vacancy menu.