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LAMPUNG BANK (PT Lampung Regional Development Bank) officially operated on 31 January 1966. Established with the intention of helping and encouraging economic growth and regional development in all fields and as one source of local revenue in order to improve people's lives. The LAMPUNG BANK changed the status of a Regional Enterprise (PD) to a Limited Liability Company (PT) on May 6, 1999 and ratified by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia. To continue serving the people of Lampung well, LAMPUNG BANK continues to improve the ability of human resources by taking advantage of various opportunities, one of them with technology.

Knowledge Management System, LAMPUNG BANK web based system that created with the purpose as a "library" for all employees. The KMS website serves as a place to exchange knowledge, filled with the documents that are not only about banking science, but include government, latest technology, business sciences, and more. With the existence of KMS, we hope to help the LAMPUNG BANK in improving the quality of human resources, and continue to grow to provide the best service for the people of Lampung. Their fabulous KMS system build by GiNK Technology